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I've worked in the graphic design industry for over 35 years where I gained my love for detail, scalpel skills and a flair for design and layout.

In 2002 Mustard Cuts was born and since then I've traded successfully selling greetings cards, prints of detailed illustrations alongside my intricate paper cuts. 

The suspension bridge with balloons print is a firm favourite - each one slightly unique due to the tiny balloons being fixed by hand. My range is still growing.

You would usually find me outside at markets, braving the English weather! But for now I have a little display in my porch and am relying on social media to spread news about my latest wares. 

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy my makes

PS. I say about 'us' because it would be wrong of me to not include my family and friends. They support me and offer their assistance (for free most of the time) even with the craziest ideas... organising an art trail in a pandemic being the most challenging one yet!

Feel free to pop in and browse and purchase goodies direct from our Downend, Bristol address.
    • Open all hours! (within reason) 
    • Call me on 0781 3312603
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