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Mustard Cuts - Temporary Transfers


We love these temporary transfers. 

You can use them on mugs, windows, books and even your skin! We've been sticking them to everything (well, pretty much everything). The long thin wildlife scene works really well around your wrist :-)

Included in packs
1 A6 page of designs
1 set of instructions 


Follow our simple instructions for use.

  1. Cut out chosen design - nice and close to the edge
  2. Peel off the glossy bit
  3. Place the sticky side on a clean, dry area and give it a good rub
  4. Wet the paper and let soak in
  5. Paper slips off, leaving the transfer in place


It's up to you if you want to stick them to yourself - we do and they can last 2 weeks! - but please remove immediately with hot soapy water if a reaction occurs.

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tattoo animals.jpg
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