Better known as Kirie in Japan, Sanjhi in India and Jianzhi in China. We've been papercutting for centuries. I however, fell in love with it when Rob Ryan filled our shelves with his quirky poems and love story silhouettes.

Having worked as an Artworker in the graphic design industry for over 25 years I decided to turn my scalpel skills to something new. My love of all things nature inspired me to make my first cut, the dragonfly. The truly gushing reaction from a dear friend, who has, what I would say a very selective taste in art, inspired me to cut some more.

I'm not trying to make a million, I'm doing it because it's fun and rewarding. The very best part so far has been meeting new people, making friends, sharing tips on crafts and talking all things art and nature.  

And, if I meet someone who likes it enough to take it into their home, or give as a gift then that's the cherry on the top and I'll buy myself a Bakewell tart to celebrate!